Why Would You Switch Utility Companies

So why would you switch utility companies, when you’re already happy with the service you get?  Simply because of the money! Utility companies are in a competitive market right now, and they’re all fairly new to that!  It used to be a simple one company market, where there was no means for competition, but that [...]

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How To Earn Free Electricity With Ambit

  Ok, face it! Times are rough, and everything seems to be getting more and more expensive, while nothing gets any cheaper. Does this sound about right? I think so, and if you agree, you may want to keep reading! Ambit is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States due mainly to [...]

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Why You Should Want a Side Business

Quite a few people, in these recently rough economic times, are turning towards side business work, where they’ll actually go into business for themselves. Think about it, the timing is never better, since there’s still a lot of untapped markets and business plans. So the purpose of me writing this is to tell you why [...]

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If I Switch, Will My Power Be Interrupted?

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So what is energy deregulation anyway?

Well good question. For as long as any of us can remember all of our energy, whether it be electric or gas, has been supplied, delivered and billed by one company. The bill came to the house and we pay it right? Well unless we wanted to light candles we paid it. Every month we [...]

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Is Switching Utilities a Scam?

So is it? Is switching your utilities a scam? The way the Utilities companies work may be more of a scam than you switching companies is! First off, when you pay the electric company, do you think they’re the one’s that convert the electric, regulate it, transport it to you, and service it? The answer [...]

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Should I Switch Utility Companies?

If energy deregulation has recently come to your state you might be asking yourself the question: “Should I Switch Utility Companies?” Of course, you might be skeptical. You’ve probably been with the same energy company forever. You’re probably used to sending your bill to the same place every month, and you’re happy with the service [...]

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What Does Energy Deregulation Do?

Energy deregulation allows you the opportunity to comparison shop among different utility companies, which is whiz bang great… you wanna know why? Because this means you can save money on your utility bills! How much? Well that depends on what state you live in and what companies are competing to get your utility business at [...]

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